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  • What is Front-End Programming and what is it used for?

    What is Front-End Programming and what is it used for?

    With the advent of the Internet in human life, various digital products with this technology have opened their way to our world. One of these digital products is websites. Today, most people are well acquainted with the sites and have complete information about their performance. These products and tools have made our lives easier in the first place. Many things like information, online shopping, communication between people in the community and the world, etc. are done by these products; Therefore, it is very important to be familiar with their space.

    If you are one of those people who are dealing with the digital world, you know what programming is and how the tools needed today work through coding and programming. As the Internet became more and more advanced, websites became more and more aligned with these changes, so that new concepts were added to the list of terms in the computer world; One of these terms is Front-End.

    You may be wondering, what is Front-End programming?  To get this question, you must first have a definition of front and its opposite is back -end. If you are interested in the world of technology and website design, we suggest you stay tuned. 

    What is Front and End?

    To define this specialty, we must first refer to the meaning of the word Front in the dictionary, which means: forward, forward, forward, forward, facing, and the like. Therefore, it can be concluded that Front-End expertise refers to the front and front sections. That is, all the parts that the user interacts with and communicates with; Hence it is also called Client Side. The designer or coder of this section is called the Front-End Developer. Everything that the front coder designs, the user and the audience see.

    What is the difference between Back-End and Front-Front-End?

    To understand the concept of front and back, you must first know that the two terms front and front and back and end are conceptually contradictory and are used in two completely different meanings. In this way, backend coding refers to all the sections that the user does not see, and these sections facilitate the efficiency and speed of the website. Such sections are programmed by a back -end developer. If we want to have an example in this regard, the database case is a good option. The database is the part of the website that gets the information it needs that needs to be coded. Website users and audiences do not see these codes and how the website and database interact.

    So far, we have talked about the exact meaning of Front and its difference from Backend. In the next section, we look at the differences between UI and Front-end design.

    What is the difference between UI Designer and Front-End?

    The UI Designer, like the front-end programmer, does not code himself, but designs the various elements of the page. The tool is the interface designer of Photoshop and Sketch or Xd ; So what the user interface designer does includes the graphic sections of the site design, but Front & Developer codifies those sections.

    What are front-end programming languages?

    Due to the wide range of programming languages, today you can use a variety of them to complete your front and end projects. But in the meantime, the three most important languages ​​that every professional needs to learn are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Over time, each of these three items came in the form of new languages, including new versions. For example, typewriting was created as an improved version of Java, and then coding was used with some frameworks, such as Angular. In the following, we will talk more about these three specialized languages.

    HTML language

    HTML is a markup programming language used to develop front-end sites and web applications. This language is abbreviated to Hypertext Markup Language. After the release of the first version in 1373, it has been regularly updated and in each version of it, new and useful features have been added, the latest version of which is HTML5. This language is designed so that even beginners and novices can easily start their work by learning it. On the other hand, since HTML is used in most sites on the Internet, it can be considered one of the most common languages ​​in computer science. Here are some of its features to make you more familiar with HTML.

    • Ease of learning HTML and using its tags
    • Platform independence and no need for dependencies
    • Ability to add images, videos and audio files and…
    • Provide the ability to insert hypertext into texts
    • Simplicity in using HTML as a markup language
    • Use flexible methods to design web pages and their text; and

    The advantages of using HTML are in the front

    As we have said, HTML is a practical language in front end design and has many advantages, the most important of which are mentioned below. This explains why one of the designers’ favorite languages ​​is Front.

    • Widely used in web page.
    • Supported in most common browsers.
    • The time required to learn it is short.
    • It can be used in Windows and there is no need to buy additional software.
    • The syntax is very flexible.
    • It is possible to use different types of templates.
    • Its service is free of charge and at no extra cost.

    Disadvantages of using HTML are front-end

    In general, most of the technological tools available in the computer world, in addition to the advantages, also have disadvantages. In this section, we will introduce some of the problems associated with using HTML in front-end design.

    • It is not possible to create dynamic pages using HTML.
    • Creating structure for HTML documents comes with many challenges.
    • Due to the rudimentary and simple nature of this language, there are limited security features for it.

    CSS programming language

    By using CSS, which is derived from the term Cascading Style Sheets, we can create a suitable and user-friendly look for our website style. In fact, this language determines how the elements of the web page are placed and is considered as a tool to attract the user to the website. This programming language is used to convert a document into a form and format that can be used by contacts. This is especially important for browsers such as Firefox and Edge, and is used to transfer documents to pages, printers, and projectors. Some of its important and key features can be mentioned as follows:

    • Existence of selectors in CSS
    • Ability to apply various settings such as changing the text alignment, adjusting the empty space of a document and the line style
    • Visual display suitable for starting pseudocodes

    The advantages of using CSS are in the front

    For years, CSS has been recognized as a practical and simple tool among front-end designers. This language offers many advantages in user-side designs, some of which are mentioned below:

    • Saving time
    • Easy maintenance and survival
    • Ability to change web standards

    Disadvantages of using CSS are front-end

    In this section, you will learn about some of the negative effects that CSS may have on front-end designs. It should be noted that the advantages of this language still outweigh its disadvantages. For this reason, it can be used as a styling language related to Front End.

    • Possibility of problems between browsers
    • Multilevel architecture and confusion


    JavaScript, also known as JS for short, is a high-level interpretive language. This language is designed to implement hard and complex features on pages. You can count on using this language to create a dynamic movement on your site at any time, such as displaying content updates, 2D and 3D animated graphics, interactive maps, and more!

    Interactive sites can be created using JS; For this reason, this language is an application part of web applications. Some of the important features of this language are as follows:

    • Object-Centered Scripting Language
    • Validation of user inputs

    The advantages of using JavaScript are in the front

    Given the importance and many applications of JavaScript in front-end design, we need to introduce some examples of the unique benefits of this language in this section.

    • Server overhead
    • Rich and professional user interface
    • Ability to expand web pages

    Disadvantages of using JavaScript in Front

    Here are some of the problems that JS language may cause in front-end design:

    • Security issues due to JavaScript code running on the user’s system
    • This language may be interpreted differently in each browser.

    In addition to these, which are the most important application languages ​​in the field of user-side design, there are other languages ​​in this field, which we will introduce in the following:

    • React
    • JQuery
    • TypeScript
    • Elm
    • SASS 

    What skills do we need to become a front end specialist?

    Now that you are somewhat familiar with Front & Programming, it is time to tell you how you can become an expert in this field and what skills you need. User-side design of websites is one of the most important aspects of a business. Because this is the first portal that the employer communicates with his audience, and if the site does not look good, this opportunity will be lost! Therefore, those who want to work in this field and become experts should be able to strengthen the required skills in this field. In the following, we want to introduce you to the most important skills that a front programmer should have.

    Learning are important front programming languages

    The first skill a front-end specialist must have is a professional ability in programming using JavaScript, HTML and CSS languages. This section of the site is easier to code than other sections, and there are many resources on the Internet to speed up your learning process. In addition, you can find a solution to any questions you may have in the Q&A forums.

    Familiarity with Front and JavaScript libraries and frameworks

    Due to the high standards of the JavaScript programming language, a variety of implementations can be performed using it. For this reason, new and custom frameworks are added to the JS suite from time to time. These frameworks give you unique features, including Angular, Vu.js, and more.

    Familiarity with the principles of reactive design

    A professional user interface should be such that it does not interfere with the performance of the application on different devices and platforms. Therefore, it should be able to show the best possible response depending on the type of device it is running. If the user interface is not designed properly, the value of the site or application will be lost, and the user will not work with your product.

    Learn graphic software such as Photoshop

    Consider designing a page with high German complexity. However, before you start coding, it is better to create the design using Photoshop and implement it after the agreement of the team members and the employer. Graphics software such as Figma, Adobe XD, and are used in most user interface design steps. So, learning at least one of them is essential for a front programmer.

    High taste and creativity

    A user-side expert should be able to use creative, user-friendly and eye-catching designs to make an app or site look great. A successful designer is someone who can create a beautiful user interface that meets the standards of appearance and user experience. It is the creation of these visual differences and attractive designs that will set your work apart from other people active in this field.

    Familiarity with the principles of user experience

    The developer of Front End must be well acquainted with the needs of the users. He must be able to design the UI of an application so that the audience gets the best experience while using it. In fact, the key to the success of a user-side programmer is to know the user and his needs, and in the next step to be able to design and implement a page based on those needs.

    How is learning front-end programming?

    If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. As mentioned in the previous sections, one of the main skills that any front designer must have is the ability to work with important programming languages ​​in this field. So it’s clear that you need to make learning and mastering these languages ​​part of your learning curve. But the point is, learning multiple languages ​​will not make you a front-end programmer! But following other tips in this regard can be effective in achieving your goal. In order to learn this profession, you need to pay attention to the following:

    Raise your awareness

    Awareness in all professions, including site programming, is essential. To raise your awareness, you can read authoritative articles, books and resources about Front End specialization. By gaining an understanding of how the site works, you can also better understand the different coding languages. Even watching educational videos on YouTube”” to summarize what you have learned can help you in this regard.

    Always practice and spend more time learning

    Practicing plays an important role in increasing the efficiency and skills of developers. For this reason, once you have the necessary skills, be sure to practice and do small things and projects so that you can find your mistakes and correct them. Do not be afraid to do the project; Because you will never become a front end programmer unless you practice.

    Try to understand the concepts well

    When learning and pursuing a career in web design, you should have at least a good understanding of the basic concepts of web design, such as file display, system menu, and more. This way you can access the functions of the operating system. Other points to keep in mind when learning this profession include the following:

    What is the income and labor market of a front end specialist?

    In general, it can be said that the future of those who are learning front is bright and a good job market awaits them. According to the latest studies, in 2020, the United States alone faced a shortage of about 1 million web developers, and the same is true in other parts of the world. Therefore, it can be predicted that employment in programming and web development will increase by 15% by 2026.

    If we want to talk about the income of this profession, we must say that in the world, the income of this group of specialists is between 65 thousand to 110 thousand dollars, which in Iran starts from three million tomans and depending on the job, over ten million Toman also arrives. There are many titles for those who work in this field. Therefore, the number of receipts is different, and it is not possible to mention a certain amount for it.

    Final conclusion

    In this article, we look at what Front-End is. As we mentioned in the text, the Front-End world is different from the -Back End, and each works on different parts. Another important point to know is that the work of these two areas has a completely different effect on the quality; So, in a way they can be considered complementary.

    Also, the world of Front and End is different from UI Designer ; They may be similar in appearance, but in practice and expertise, they are two completely separate branches. We hope you find this article useful. Which area of ​​programming do you think is more important? User-side programming or server-side programming? Give us your good comments.

  • Learn More: How Do Internet Companies Profit With Free Services

    Learn More: How Do Internet Companies Profit With Free Services

    Simply put, any business that is set up on the Internet or is a source of revenue for the Internet is called an Internet or online business.

    It does not matter if you have a product and sell it on the Internet or if you set up an educational site and sell your training through this site. The point that you need to pay close attention to is that your platform for making money is the Internet, and that means you have an Internet business.

    Let me give you a few examples to make this very clear to you.
    Suppose you are a writer, and you work in the field of content production. The internet is a place where you can work and make money. That means you can generate content for different sites or become the content manager of several Instagram networks and generate content for them and generate revenue.

    The important thing about Internet businesses is to mention that these businesses have no restrictions, and you can both work independently and at home, in this space, and you can also as a platform to earn money. Mostly, use it along with your other work. In this category of articles, we teach internet business. And we intend to address this issue completely in different categories.

    How Much Money Do We Need to Start an Internet Business?

    First of all, you have to keep in mind that you have to be trained before entering any business. So, you have to keep in mind that you have to resume internet business training.

    Internet business is the cheapest way to make a fortune through home business. If we calculate the ratio of capital to profit that we earn in this work, we will find that starting an Internet business is a business with little or even free capital, which brings us one hundred to three hundred percent profits.

    So, we do not need a lot of start-up capital to start a home-based or home-based business online, and we can start an online business with less than one million.

    Have an internet business with only one million capitals…!!!

    Yes, you can start an internet business with just one million bucks. In the previous sections, we explained that if you want to do work at home, you only need skills, and if you want to run a home-based business, you only need a small amount of capital to grow your business.

    Now we want to tell you how you can achieve all that we have explained to you in the previous sections with a capital of less than one million.

    How Much Money Does an Internet Business Management Need?

    To start a home-based business, even on the Internet, you need to spend less than one. This fee also includes only the following:

    ·       Setting up a site or a virtual page Starting an Internet Business

    If you want to start your own business on the Internet and make a fortune, you need to provide an online platform for your business like this website Targetedwebtraffic.

    Just as all traditional businesses set up a shop, a workshop, or basically a workplace for their work, you need to build a cartoon office on the Internet.

    To do this, you must choose one of two ways to set up a website or create a page on social networks.

    You do not need any capital to establish social networks, and everything is free. But to set up a website, depending on the services you receive from the provider, you have to pay a cost.

    If you want to learn more about Internet business, you can go to any Internet business startup article.

    Introducing Internet Home Businesses

    As we promised, now is the time to start a home-based business. The first category we introduced to you was Internet businesses.

    ·       You know that online businesses have no limits. And any business can be done from selling car spare parts to selling a training package.

    ·       But in this section, we try to address the issues that depend specifically on the Internet space. To loved ones who like to work at home.

    ·       Or run a home-based Internet business and get to know them.

    Here are five lucrative online home business jobs. And besides that, we will introduce other job offers to you.

    1. Content production

    The first job that has a very bright future in the home business environment is the job of content production. Content production job has found a good job market in Iran these days and you can say that in almost every collection you visit, you see people who are producing content.

    The amount of job opportunities in this job is very high compared to those who work in it. This means that it can now be said that more than sixty percent of job opportunities in the content production debate are empty, and this need is increasing every day.

    So, you can enter this business as a content creator who is familiar with the basics of writing and earn a unique income.

    Content generation revenue

    It varies depending on the number of projects and articles produced. The average income is between 2 to 30 million.

    Costs and initial capital of content production jobs

    It does not require any initial costs or capital. High speed internet access is the only requirement for this job.

    Cost and duration of learning this job

    To train in content production, you need to spend between three months and a year.

    Where should I find a job?

    Project hiring and outsourcing sites are a great way to get started.

    2. Translation

    Translator has been a very lucrative home-based business for many years. But these days, with the spread of the Internet, there is an opportunity for many people who have translation skills to enter the world of the Internet.

    And translate and make money by working from home and creating an internet platform to get a project.

    If you also have good language skills, you can get into this business and earn a lot of money. But do not forget that translation is not just a translation of a text.

    By expanding your knowledge, you can work in the field of film translation, translation of motivational and success videos, book translation, animation translation and even simultaneous translation for companies and seminars, each of which generates tremendous income. They will have it for you.


    It depends on the number of projects and the type of work. But the average income of this job is from $300 to two $3000 per month. (Simultaneous translators earn over 30 a month.)

    Expenses and initial capital for the job of translator

    Cost and duration of learning this job

    Translation is a highly specialized job. It takes about a year to three years to learn it. The cost of learning is about 10 to 20 million. But it is not much compared to the income that can be earned in a month.

    Where can I find a job?

    The best way is to work with online translation agencies. And after using outsourcing sites. You can get many projects on the internet and earn a good income.

    If we want to teach you a special technique, we must say that these days in cyberspace, there are many channels that do student projects, just start the cartoon at a competitive price in these spaces.

    3. Website design

    Another lucrative and, of course, in-demand job in the Internet-based home business is design and graphic design.

    The best jobs in this field are website design and graphic work. These days, there are more than tens of thousands of sites operating in Iran, and each of them needs to design a site to start a business.

    On the other hand, there are advertising campaigns, extensive advertising, landing pages and other needs in this field, which creates a very wide labor market for people who work in this field.

    ·       Income

    ·       Website designers earn 6 to 30 million for each site design.

    ·       Costs and initial capital

    ·       You do not need any money to do this skill.

    ·       Costs and duration of learning this job: To learn this job you need to spend time for three months to a year.

    The cost of learning it also varies depending on the learning method. Because there are many free resources in this area, and on the other hand, there are specialized classes that receive between two million and six million for training in site design.

    Where can I find a job?

    Just have a page in virtual networks for yourself and leave your portfolio or start receiving projects on outsourcing sites.

    4. Instagram and Telegram Support
    These days, virtual networks are one of the branding and communication tools for companies and large individuals.

    It is natural that these people or companies have many fans and each of them receives many messages every day and needs a respondent.

    On the other hand, managing these pages and placing posts requires careful planning, and this has made one of the most lucrative jobs in the home business these days, the job of support and being an administrator in cyberspace.

    Income: From five million to forty million

    Costs and initial capital

    It does not require any initial costs and capital and only requires a high speed internet.

    Costs and duration of learning this job: Less than three days to learn this job, it is enough at no cost.

    Outsourcing sites and business advertisements are the best source for finding this job.

    5. Programming
    Programming is another job from which you can earn astronomical income. Yes, a programming job brings you astronomical income.

    Maybe choosing this job as the fifth job was the reason to think about it more and if you like this skill, follow it and be sure to enjoy the many benefits of this job in home business.

    Not only does this job have many applicants, but it can also give you the opportunity to earn dollars.

    ·       The amount of income of a programming job

    It depends on many criteria, but it has an income of forty million to two hundred million per project.

    ·       Cost and initial capital of a programming job

    It does not need to cost much, just have a mediocre computer system and start training.

    ·       Cost and duration of learning this job

    To learn this job, you must be proficient in programming languages, each of which can take up to two years to learn.

    How do I get a programming project? Where can I find a job?

    Most programmers work on job search and project outsourcing sites, and after a while, due to the high demand for this job, they work at home in large companies.

    But these five jobs are not the only internet home business ideas. There are hundreds of Internet-based home-based businesses, and here is a list of them:

    • Editing 3. Typing
      4. Production of educational videos 
    • 5. Production of advertising animations 
    • 6. Virtual sales manager 
    • 7. Text-to-audio conversion 
    • 8. Narration (voice acting on videos) 
    • 9. Production of podcasts and thousands of other jobs, each of which They can make a lot of money for us. Keep in mind that training team is growing alongside you, and if you are not, we will not grow either, so if you also have a business that has a good income and is based on the Internet. Introduce your friends in here as training team.
    • Source
  • What is Back-End Programming?

    What is Back-End Programming?

    If you are new to the world of programming, you know what programming is , but you may not be familiar with some of the terminology. In general, web developers and developers are divided into back and front end. In this article, we are going to fully explain what Back-End is and help you to become a professional back-end worker. 

    What is Back-End?

    Back -End is the part of a website or application that users are unable to view. In other words, Backend, the brain is a site that is responsible for controlling logic. The code written in the backend section is not directly connected to the system but is sent to the user’s browser through the server; This is why backends are also called server side programming.

    Highlights of the Server Site include the following:

    • The browser does not understand server-side programming languages ​​and is not available to users.
    • The browser has no duty to read or receive code. Rather, it displays the code that is processed on the main server to the user.
    • Wherever dynamic information is needed, server-side languages ​​should be used.

    As you know, on the other side of the issue is the server side, the user side or the client side. In short, there is a Client Side wherever you are going to interact with your user. User-side scripts are processed by the recipient or your system browser and have nothing to do with supporting servers.

    In general, according to experts, the backend site is like an iceberg hidden under the oceans, and the front end site is an icy peak that everyone can see. Although the two parts of the server side and the user side are different from each other, but they are directly related to each other and creating a problem in each of them, creates problems in the performance of the site.

    What is the difference between Front and End and Back and End?

    As explained in the previous section, backend programming is about writing code that the user cannot see, but front-end programming is about exactly what the user sees when they log in to a site. And it can interact with the site you want. In fact, backend and front end are two opposite and complementary poles in web programming.

    Who is a Back-End Developer?

    In general, a back-end programmer is someone who codes the back-end part of a website so that the user cannot view it. This part of the site is always running in the background and has a function similar to the Windows desktop. Backend developers play a key role in web development and design teams. In the following, you will get to know a backend expert in more detail.

    What are the duties of a Back-End programmer?

    As mentioned, backend jobs have important tasks in the web design team. In the following, you will be briefly acquainted with their duties.

    • Manage the database and create and integrate it
    • Use backend frameworks to build server-side software
    • Have sufficient knowledge about web server technologies
    • Integrating cloud computing
    • Full familiarity with different types of operating systems
    • Maintenance of content management systems
    • Prevent system hacking and have enough information about security settings
    • Website data analysis
    • Integrating APIs _

    What are the skills of a back-end specialist?

    The backend expert, like all behind-the-scenes actors in a film, must be well versed in the job and have the necessary skills in their specialty. In this way, what the user sees as a result of the work will be flawless. Here are the skills you need to work in this field:

    Mastery of server side programming language

    Those who are going to work in this field must be fluent in at least one of the server-side programming languages. It is also better to be sufficiently aware of the specialized topics of the programming language and thus achieve the following results:

    • Codes are written more securely.
    • The code will be executed faster.
    • Will be able to write object-oriented programs.

    Database or data

    The coding of a backend programmer is valuable when it can be used to connect to a database and store information on it; Therefore, the backend specialist must also have the necessary skills in this field.

    Rational mind and analyst

    Anyone who is active in the backend profession or is about to enter the field needs to know, first of all, that they face many challenges and issues. To solve these problems requires a logical thinking and proper analysis. Of course, not everyone needs to have this skill subconsciously and congenitally, but this type of thinking can be achieved over time and practice.

    Ability to ask important and efficient questions

    The fact is that the more theoretical literacy you have in a particular field, the more practical experience you still need. The field of programming is no exception to this rule. Therefore, when a problem arises, you need to be able to ask the right questions from colleagues or experts in the field to get the answer you expect. In addition, many server-side programmers work remotely. For this reason, in order to be able to achieve a desirable job position, you must also strengthen your negotiation skills.

    Advanced Topics in Programming Language

    In addition to learning the languages ​​required in the profession, you need to be well versed in their advanced topics. Advanced topics refer to the professional capabilities of a programming language. That means you can use it to write professional and advanced code. The cleaner and more professional the code you write, the higher the efficiency of the code and the faster and stronger your service will be. For example, in PHP programming, if you have the ability to write code in Object Oriented, the final code will be much cleaner and faster.

    What are backend programming languages?

    There are several programming languages ​​for backend coding, such as Java, PHP , Python , SQL , .NET , and C # , but in this section, we will introduce three of the most common ones.


    This relatively old and popular language has been used by many programmers. One of the strengths and reasons for the popularity of this language is having a virtual machine that makes it easy to compile and execute code in systems.


    Undoubtedly, it is one of the most widely used PHP server-side languages, which has contributed to the creation of 80 % of websites. This language is generally used in software programming, cookie setting and data collection.


    Python is one of the most serious competitors to Java and PHP today. The ease of learning and using it has made it popular with many backend programmers.

    C # programming language #C

    C # is another language used in the backend domain. Among its features, we can mention the modern, simple, partisan, object-oriented, logical and efficient language. About the history of C #, which was made by Microsoft in 2000. C # uses ASP . Net technology to create and design the site. It is good to know that C # has a lot to say in the world of programming today, but its job market is very hot in our country. Websites such as Targeted Web Traffic, etc. have been designed and created using ASP.Net technology under C #.

    Perl programming language

    One of the most important features of this backend language is its fun. Perl is a multi-application hybrid programming language that is both fast and reliable. It can be used in a wide variety of areas. In fact, Perl language is used in the fields of military and artificial intelligence to industrial design and. 

    Ruby language

    A prominent and important feature of Ruby, which is another special language of Backend, is its open source, object-oriented and simplicity. Using this flexible language, you can create fast and free programs, and at the same time enjoy the unique properties of object-oriented.

    SQL language

    As we said in the previous sections, one of the most important skills a backend must have is the ability to work with databases. SQL is one of the most prominent languages ​​for working with databases. This language was created to create databases and access their information. Therefore, those who deal with areas such as data mining or data in general should be fluent in this language. Wherever there is a database, the SQL header is found. This is usually the first choice of programmers to work with databases.

    and at the end

    In this article, we tried to fully explain what Back-End is and how you can prepare yourself to start working in this field. To become a professional back-end worker, you must be able to master server-side programming languages ​​well and develop other required skills. What other skills do you think are needed to become a good programmer, other than technical skills? Share your valuable comments with us.